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Our Courses are unique in the world of

after-school and homeschooling STEM education.

Brickineers classes raise the bar on all aspects of STEM education. The Brickineers philosophy is “Experential Learning”, which is based on engineering practices, and translates to: “think, do, reflect and do again”. Not all free-builds are successful, and in all cases it is more important to know why something did not work versus blindly following instructions. Once a learner knows the ‘why’, they can engage in the ‘do’.  That is the engineering way: a ‘can do will do’ attitude.

Our first machines class!

Robotics can be a gateway for children to learn about applied mathematical concepts, the scientific method of inquiry, and problem solving. Working with robotic manipulatives engages children in social interactions and negotiations while playing to learn and learning to play. (Tufts University Dev Tech Research)

Recent Calgary Herald headlines have stimulated interest in after school STEM learning opportunities, and we believe Brickineers classes and camps meet and exceed the needs of our young learners: 

“Calgary Grade 6 students average at a C+ grade for Science for the past five years!
Alberta Students tank on math tests!”

Classes and camps offer the means and ways to learn applied art and science. Topics covered are programming, mathematics and engineering sciences. Current classes and camps offer game programming in Scratch, Lego robotics programming using drop down visual languages and/or Scratch, VEX robotic programming using RobotC, free-build machines and Stop Motion Animation. 

Join us and have your child embark on a journey towards life long learning practices.

Helpful posts about what transpired during our courses and camps will be posted here in the future!