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Brickineers™ provides opportunities for children to play, learn and grow together in a framework of tasks and activities that stimulate mental and physical faculties.
Co-operative community based learning is emphasized through tutorship, mentorship, collaboration and mutual respect.


Courses are led by Wolodymyr (Wolly) Barabash,
Alberta Childcare Supervisor Certificate 750932, EET diploma, BSc (Psychology), BEng (Electrical), MEd (U of C).



Wolly is married to Julia and has a son, Michael, Michael attends all camps and nearly all classes as an assistant or participant.

Wolly has extensive experience with programming, electronics, computers and robotics with about 20 years experience as a professor and instructor of electronics, microcontroller programming and computer architecture.  Wolly has worked and lectured in colleges in Alaska, B.C., Ontario and Qatar. The list of colleges includes: University of Alaska Anchorage,  British Columbia Institute of Technology, Humber College, RCC Technical Institute, and College of the North Atlantic Qatar.

At this time all Brickineers courses will be facilitated personally by Wolly, who instills a love for lifelong learning in all his students. We are all aware that lifelong learning is a mandatory requirement of modern and future economies, and as parents we struggle against the rigidity of modern education which may prevent our children from loving the act of learning. The love of lifelong learning also has other other benefits which should not be secondary to workplace learning. Wolly’s extensive education and experience allows him to guide children towards learning strategies that they will cherish and will help them exceed the demands of future college, university and workplace learning requirements. The link between playing, learning, working and teamwork that encourages love of learning is central to the basic philosophy of the Brickineers program, thus the motto: “Playwork, Learnwork and Teamwork“.


One of Wolly’s favourite videos on education:


A couple of articles about Wolly and his interests:

 (Assistant Professor of Computer Electronics, University of Alaska Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula Campus)



(Save the Turtles with Robots!)


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