Class Facilitator

Wolly Barabash founded Brickineers to meet the learning needs of his son Michael, and other gifted or similar young Lego and VEX enthusiasts.  You can view Michael’s builds on Youtube or in the Media pages of this website. Wolly has a Masters in Education from our own U of C, a Bachelors in Engineering, a Bachelors in Psychology (Science) and an Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma. Wolly is also a certified Alberta Childcare Supervisor. He has taught engineering topics at community colleges and at an American University for two decades. Wolly has had many students complete thesis projects using robotics, and has founded robotics clubs. Michael is usually present as an assistant or eager participant at many of the classes.

Wolly has organized the classes to enhance learning through the experience of building and programming LEGO and VEX robots. In simple terms, learners will “do by building, then reflect, and then do again”. The philosophy underlying Brickineers camps is referred to as “Experiential Learning”.

We hope that you choose Brickineers classes and trust Wolly with the care of your children for a brief but important time in their lives.