Class Sidenote

A short word with respect to Calgary schooling.

Class size:

Despite research that smaller classes in primary grades are linked to better student outcomes, class size in Calgary elementary and middle schools has increased to over 20 students, on average. Is your young learner thriving – or wilting – in a large class? Class size statistics in pdf format.

All Brickineers class sizes are limited to 10 students which allows greater attention and interaction with the class facilitator.

Robotics classes:

Calgary school boards have recognized the power of applied learning and most schools have introduced their own robotic classes. The Brickineers league classes will reintroduce, reinforce, and reintegrate knowledge and skills learned (or not learned) in the regular school system from the engineering perspective. The kind of playful applied learning that robotics allows should not only be motivational, it should be inspirational.