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Lego and VEX Camps and Classes Calgary with Robots and Programming!


Welcome to the World of Brickineers

NEW!   Modkit has been replaced with RobotC so that learners may become experienced in programming VEX IQ Robotics in the fundamental language of computers.

Drumming Monkey Fun!

Drumming Monkey Fun!


There are two levels of Lego Robotics classes based on academic progress  (Grade Level) and abilities: Junior and Senior Brickineers.

Junior Brickineers is the beginners’ class for children enrolled in Grades 1 to 4  (and homeschool equivalent).

The Senior Brickineers class is appropriate for children enrolled in Grades 4 to 8 (and homeschool equivalent).

Exact placement depends on the abilities of each child. Eight year old children, for example, may benefit from either class; placement depends on factors such as dexterity, computer literacy and Lego experience.

In both Junior and Senior classes each learner will have their own computer and building workstation with all building materials, motors and sensors provided..

Note that age designations are approximate for categorization purposes only; classes will be small enabling children to work at their own pace

Lego®  Education videos that discuss benefits of WeDo classes are at the following link:

           WeDo Videos

Junior Brickineers

The Junior Brickineers lessons introduce learners to the Lego® WeDo™ Education experience. Participants will earn the “Junior Brickineers” designation and certificate along with a list of learning objectives mastered, suitable for inclusion in homeschooling binders.

The PLT (Playwork, Learnwork and Teamwork) philosophy of education emphasizes creative play and pragmatic learning within a community of teams working together towards shared goals.

Tutorship, mentorship and leadership are strongly encouraged. Older learners can volunteer to be tutors or mentors and be paired with younger partner(s) as we go along.

Participants will learn to read the robot’s sensors and control motors using the Lego® WeDo™ visual programming language. Students are enabled to learn, construct and then bring their models to life. Skills developed transfer to language and literacy, math and various engineering, design and technology-based subjects. Confidence as well as communication, collaboration and team-building skills are reinforced.

Senior Brickineers

Senior Brickineers lessons advance the learning experience of building and programming robots by introducing the “Scratch” visual programming language developed by MIT. Participants will earn the “Senior Brickineers” designation and certificate along with a list of learning objectives mastered, suitable for inclusion in homeschooling binders. No previous experience with WeDo™ Robotics is required.

Programming concepts and electro-mechanical operation with sensors, gears and motors will be explored in greater detail. Increasingly complex robotic modifications and builds published by Lego®, educational organizations or designed “in-house” by our learners will be used. The construction set used in the Junior classes is complemented by extension sets with additional bricks, gears, wheels and technic parts. Learners will be encouraged to participate in the Brickineers blog to share their experiences, help each other and exhibit their achievements.

Senior Brickineers will also have a choice of enrolling in VEX Robotics classes.

VEX robotics have many advantages over LEGO.

  • The VEX IQ Superkit is more capable – it has more inputs and outputs.
  • The VEX IQ Superkit is much more affordable for families than the LEGO Mindstorms. It comes with more accessories including a remote controller and battery.
  • A VEX IQ Robot is also much easier to build than the EV3.
  • The VEX Robotics system has more real world programming languages available for it.
  • There is a a separate VEX robot platform for every need: elementary and middle school, high school, and university students. Children interested in arts and science have a path by which they can progress into more complex systems.
Why Scratch?

VEX IQ Robotics and MIT’s Scratch based programming

Brickineers has been offering VEX IQ Robotics and programming camps and classes since 2015.

The Robot Engineer Level 1 class, intended for children from Grades 4 to  8, will use fractions, ratios and single variable equations in solving problems related to robotics. Children with grade 3 knowledge may be accepted if their arithmetic skills are good.

The Robot Engineer Level is 2 class is for children that have completed the IET or Level 1 classes, or a Summer Camp. More complex builds involving treads and robot arms will be studied. Older children can solve arithmetic problems related to the build, while younger children will be given guidance constructing robot appendages and following what the older children have designed. Physics will be discusses when appropriate. This class will be solid for teamwork.

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