Lego Robotics Spring Camp March 27 Full Day


Junior Brickineers Spring Break

For Grades 1 to 6. Full Days, 9:00 AM to 4:15 PM, Five days beginning March 27,  Bridgeland Riverside Community Association Centre, 917 Centre Avenue NE.  

Drop off begins 8:30 AM, late pickup is 4:45 PM.

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Mining Centre Lego Robotics Spring Camp BRCA (Full Day)

THEME:   Machines in and around Mines 

Five days of exciting Lego Robotic builds – for children in Grade 1 to Grade 6.

The camp theme will be about machines that you find in and around mines, such as mine carts, cranes, excavators, diggers and lifts. Mined material will be transported by railway to be processed into who knows what? Parts for aeroplanes or beams for building? We will decide at the camp. Robot arms, cranes, excavators, trains and tilting wagons all operated by computer, or remote control, will challenge the children to build and play together to create a story that they will imagineer themselves. Some new and exciting controller parts will wow everyone! Several of the large Technic pieces such as the large excavator and the aggregate processing plant will be pre-built, however, they will be unique in that they will have bluetooth controllers and will be controlled by MIT’s Scratch software. Almost everyone can use Scratch, however, those children who cannot can still control excavators using power function remote controllers.

Children in the Full Day Camp will be engaged in building structures for one of the three types of mines In the afternoon they will also draw and paint scenic pictures, and make clay models for the mines.

Brickineers Spring Campers will use Lego and Lego compatible parts, Power Functions, motors and sensors, computers and Lego WeDo programming software (or Scratch for older kids).

Mobile Aggregate Processing Plant


During the camp we will learn programming basics and information about gears, pulleys and levers. We will use Power Function components to make simple mechanisms move. After fundamentals children will build robots with motors and sensors and apply what they have learned. Campers will learn how to use the WeDo drop down visual programming environment to make their creations move and make sounds. Advanced campers will use MIT’s Scratch program. The robotic builds will model things that we all see in and around mines such as a crane, a shovel, an excavator, a lift and even a railway into the  mine. Children will be asked to combine builds to create a working model of a mine, whose ore will be transported to a plant and factories for processing. A large Lego mobile aggregate processing plant will separate the ore mined from the mines for the smelter! Everyone will get a turn operating the aggregate plant.



Large Excavator
















The famous Volvo.

Pictures of the mine will shown in a week or so after we have finished the first prototype! This spring camp is our first mine theme and we are working hard on it. It will be repeated in summer camps.

The following are examples of mines from around the internet which will give an idea.




Heavy Haul Train


Example of work inside a mine.

Idea of mine levels. Ours will be much larger.

Example of mine levels.


Our mine will be MUCH larger and use the Heavy Hauler Train and Technic Excavators. Please revisit this page later to see our large mine prototype.


Thinkwork Teamwork!

Thinkwork & Teamwork!


The camp is specifically designed for Grades 1 to 6 to keep content relevant and comprehensible. Children who are not yet in Grade 1 but have completed a previous Brickineers class are welcome to attend.

Each child will have their own workstation: computer and parts. Each child will build and program their own robots. During the gears, pulleys and levers section of the camp two children may share one build and Power Functions set  in order to work together to understand the mechanisms better. One of the goals is to familiarize children with Power Functions, remote controllers and robotics and inspire them to ‘motorize’ their Lego builds at home with the hundreds or thousands of parts they already have :).