SpacePort Lego Robotics Aug 14 PM


This camp has been cancelled. Thank  you for your interest.

August 14-18, afternoons 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM. Early drop-off 12:30, late pickup is 4:45 pm.

Location : BRCA Hall, 917 Centre Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C6



SpacePort Lego Robotics August 14 Half Day Camp (PM)

This is a half day camp. If you wish a full day camp for your child, then please contact to discuss possibilities. We have a morning mining centre camp during this week which can be linked with this camp. Full day camp registration cost will have a $30 rebate.

Please note, price is subject to change, lock in your best deal now! 

Put on your spacesuits for five afternoons (1-4) of excitement building space oriented robots, city robots and a SpacePort!  A train to carry supplies and space ships is included so that everyone can be part of the excitement and send their builds off to the launch pad! Spend a week learning about computer engineering with wired and wireless communication, software engineering with drop down programming, mechanical engineering with gears, motors, machines and robotic engineering in a Lego modelled simulation of real life applications. Improve social skills through cooperative learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills in this mega-fun environment full of hands-on activities and challenges!

We will build and program robots using Lego bricks, technic pieces, gears and motors, and then use drop down visual programming to make them move and make sounds. We will use robots to access and load supplies, and then use a train or wheeled haulers to take them to the space ship docking bays. The space ship is loaded onto a train cart, lifted by a crane and placed into a launch cradle using remote or computer controlled motors. Older children (Grades 3 and up) can also use MIT’s Scratch programming language to gain additional control over the robots and train. A little bit of pre-camp homework on Scratch will be assigned prior to the camp – mainly tutorials that can be done at home which introduce your young learner to Scratch programming.

Recess will take place in the playground every morning at about 10:30.

If your child has been in this camp last summer please enrol them again! There are additional builds this year and it’s always good to re-live happy times again! This summer, the power to the train will be halved so that children will not be able to speed the train off of the tracks (although they will still try and put logs across the tracks I’m sure…). Practice sessions on how to use the hand controllers will also be added so that little fingers can become coordinated and synchronized with the desired action.


Exciting newly redesigned Mars Rover, Satellite simulator and even a Tie fighter vs. Starfighter scene! Over 12 space-robot models in all to choose from! Plus cranes, shovels and other robots that do digging, lifting and transportation work!  … that’s a lot of action and adventure.  The Rover can even explore the planet surfaces that the full day camp kids will build! This year we will be using wireless hubs to control motors and sensors so vehicles can travel free and  untethered!

Next, view examples of the Shuttle section of the Spaceport! The Shuttle section is a large part of the Spaceport, but not the only part – as robot arms and Mars rovers will also be built and programmed using computers. The motors in the Spaceport can be controlled by power function controllers, or computer controlled.  The following images show last year’s assembled space shuttle launch pad and testing stations, controlled by power function controllers.







Resistance is futile, enrol in this exciting camp today!

Motivate your children and inspire them to expand their thinking about the inevitable robotic
revolution. No more static builds please Mom and Dad! That’s old school!