Testimonials have not been solicited, however, excerpts from emails and conversations are included in this page for reference. A feedback page will be created this June.


  • “You have opened up a brand new world for my daughter”, a mother speaking about the Juniors course.

  • “We have an EV3 Mindstorms at home, but will now get a VEX IQ to synchronize with your courses”, a father with motivated sons.

  • “Your summer camp was the best my son has ever experienced”, a mother discussing her son’s experience at the 2015 camp.

  • “My kids love your weekend classes the best!”.

  • From an email: “Wolly, my boys don’t want to do any other “robot” related summer camps except with you!  Are you planning to have more than 1 in August?”.

  • From an email: “We would love to proceed. xxxx loves this class.”

  • From an email: ” xxxxxx  only has Robotics on the brain for camps this year and it would be awesome if you could join one of yours.