Summer Camps 2019


Grades 1-5 Themes: Zoobots     (1/2 day, mornings)     Westgate Aug 6-9     (4 spots left)
Grades 1-5 Themes: Spaceport (1/2 days, afternoons) Westgate Aug 6-9     (0 spot left)

Grades 5-8 Theme: Robot Engineer (Full Days) Westgate Aug 19-23  (Grade 4 students with great math skills are accepted)   

This summer we repeat our perennial favourite themes: Zoobots and Spaceport for children from Grades 1 to 4 at Westgate. We bring in new builds every year and any child who repeats these camps will find new and interesting things to do.  Your child doe not need to know how to use a computer. These two camps are designed to serve children with or without computer experience. The Zoobots use power functions and remote control. We use computers in the Spaceports camp to move a few builds but not every child has to use them. For example, last year the older kids used two computers to move a space shuttle launch crane and the younger children watched, and then went on and played with their builds.  

Robot Engineering Camps for Grades 5-8 at Westgate Hall will use RobotC and the VEX IQ Superkits. Arduino and similar microcontroller kits will be added next year, but it is far easier and self-rewarding to begin programming with a nice robotics kit like the VEX IQ. Robotics kits make it easy to understand the big picture and are part of a top-down strategy for teaching programming and electronics. Children that want to get into the “trenches” with Arduino or Raspberry Pi will develop an understanding of the capabilities of motors and sensors in the real world in a much easier way using a robotics kit. It is highly recommended that the VEX IQ be part of your technology home lab. The Robot Engineering Camps are a great way to explore.

The Zoobots and Spaceport ½ day camps can be combined into a full day camp.s

Lunchtime supervision will be included at no extra charge. A 20-minute recess break will be given at 10:20 AM and 2:20 PM every day to allow kids to burn off energy.

Welcome to Brickineers courses and camps!

Enhanced STEM (STELMA)  Learning with emphasis on Engineering. Robotics and Programming.
Our courses are well paced and well themed. Robot engineering is a multidisciplinary endeavour where Science, Technology, Engineering, the Logic of programming and Math come into play. Expression of Art also occurs when children embellish their creations with nonfunctional but aesthetically pleasing attachments.

Wolly Barabash, a certified child development supervisor who happens to be a real Engineer (ring and all), leads the classes. He also has a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

“No one can see the future because there are many futures. Prepare for the one you wish for and it will come true.”

April Classes

Summer Camp registration is now active!  Registrations have already been received and our themes will make it a  great year for children who also like to learn while they play. You’ll frequently read how sports “creates” leaders, however, a quick survey of today’s leading social leaders proves that knowledge of high technology may be more instrumental for our future leaders. Brickineers classes, workshops and camps are designed to help support independent thinking and rational analysis necessary for a future in high technology and beyond.


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Our Courses are unique in the world of after-school and homeschooling STEM education.
The Brickineers philosophy is “Experential Learning”, which is based on engineering practices, and translates to: “think, do, reflect and do again”.

Our first machines class!

Robotics can be a gateway for children to learn about applied mathematical concepts, the scientific method of inquiry, and problem solving. Working with robotic manipulatives engages children in social interactions and negotiations while playing to learn and learning to play. (Tufts University Dev Tech Research)
Classes and camps offer the means and ways to learn applied art and science. Topics covered are programming, mathematics and engineering sciences. Current classes and camps offer game programming in Scratch, Lego robotics programming using drop down visual languages and/or Scratch, VEX robotic programming using RobotC, free-build machines and Stop Motion Animation. 
Join us and have your child embark on a journey towards life long learning practices.

Boost Class 1

Neighbour Day at Thorncliffe

Calgary’s first (and maybe the world’s) Lego BOOST class has finished and we had a fabulous time with robot builds and finally, the ClawBot! This class we just tried to grab and drag objects from the competition mat. The final class we used the distance sensor to locate an object (which included a Minecraft Spider) and grab and drag. BOOST is an amazing development system for young roboticists and we are proud to implement it for our avid learners! Thank you Owen, Mattias, Jasper, Eli, William, Isaac, Regan and Isaaq!

Lego Boost ABC Robotics Class