We were asked to provide robot games to a birthday party for one of our previous campers and we had so much fun we decided to offer “the robot game experience” to everyone.

Things sure have progressed since the days of Pin the Donkey! We have developed a theme for a birthday party in which children work in pairs controlling target shooting robots as they traverse through a maze and over obstacles. The fastest timed robot wins!

Kids and adults learn the skills required to properly turn tank chassis robots around, along, under and over obstacles and how to position for a good target shot.
It’s not easy as it seems as the tank treads are plastic and slippery and, for example, sometimes a driver has to gauge the momentum required to go over a smooth ramp without falling off the edge. There are a lot of moans and groans and cheers as every team finally succeeds.

In the maze, when a target is shot with a rubber tipped arrow mounted on a tracked robot, a mechanical arm is lifted or a draw bridge is closed which enables the robot to proceed. If a team has missed too many targets they have to restart and try again.

The area for the maze can be a garage or a basement with a large rec room. A party room in a community centre would be fine if the tables can be moved to the side walls.

It’s fun competition with a little building as the robots are not entirely assembled. So part of the challenge is to assemble a robot – but don’t worry, it’s snapping pieces together and will be done in 15 minutes or less.

For more information please contact us at brickineers@gmail.com. The robot target shooting and obstacle course theme is suitable for ages 8 to adult.